The PFINGSTFEST is a two day punk & hardcore festival and takes place every „Pfingsten“ at the JUZ Mannheim.

Basic information:
1. This is our address:
JUZ Mannheim, Käthe-Kollwitz-Strasse 2-4, 68169 MANNHEIM
2. We are in the Neckarstadt-district of Mannheim
3. We are situated directly on Neuer Messplatz. You will never go wrong if you follow signposts to Neuer Messplatz.
4. You can get to us on tram number 1 and number 3, the tram stop is Neuer Messplatz.
5. At the station you can take tram lines 1 (to Schönau) and 3 (to Sandhofen).

>> map

>> sleeping:

unfortunately we can‘t offer you a sleeping place at the JUZ.
we try to organize a roost exchange, so email us if you need a place to stay. in case we still can‘t help you, here are some helpful links:

youth hostel

and not forgetting: next to the JUZ is a big parking area.

alle die im raum mannheim wohnen und für die zeit einen oder mehrere schlafplätze anbieten können, meldet euch bitte
bei pfingstfest[at]