bands so far:

Ruidosa Inmundicia
fast, furious and pissed off hardcore punk

Night Fever
insane k-town punks on adrenaline

Golden Gorilla
dark music for dark times

tight, perfect and anthemic punk with a lot of melody

Teenage Hate
fast 80s garage punk. grab your boards.

Spirit Crusher
early 90s crossover thrash / NYHC

Long Knife
infectiously catchy and intense hardcore sounding like a recent version of poison idea

hard hitting 80s punk with charming german lyrics

„A little T.S.O.L., a little Bronx, a little Wipers, a lot of fucking attitude, and dripping with a grim individuality.“

No More Art
classic melodic punk with super-catchy guitars

german angst punk

savage dark grindcore