bands 2012

saturday – 26/05/2011

EMPOWERMENT (ger) loxiran vonne strasse…

MESSER (ger) „messer sind echt die einzige studentenband, der ich nichts an die mappe hauen will!“

BENT CROSS (ger) hamburg hardcore punk cracker! download their first 7inch

DEATHRITE (ger) dark chaotic hardcore with a brutal metal edge. imagine a mix of TRAGEDY, INTEGRITY and NAPALM DEATH!

YOUTH AVOIDERS (f) …and again. now you can sing along! absolutely marvelous punk rock. short, fast songs with a great sense of melody. [download: demo , new split EP]

DULAC (ger) teenage angst post punk from snob city

sunday – 27/05/2011

NEON PISS (us) …just sincere punk rock. catchy as hell. „…what we‘re all about is apparently burping, saying „fuck“ a lot, loving chuck berry, and hating pigs.“ you can get their demo > here < (it's free!)

ABFUKK (ger) deutschpunk aus wegberg! one of the best german punk bands today.

FOREIGN OBJECTS (us) great upbeat punk, somewhere between Dangerhouse, ’77 pogo, riot grrl and early post-punk.

COMMON ENEMY (us) in-your-face trashcore. skate, drink and destroy!

TINY GHOSTS (ger) fucking underrated! post punk/indie rock for fans of BOB MOULD / HÜSKER DÜ or early R.E.M. so great. check‘em out!

HELL AND BACK (ger) great melodic (and melancholic) hardcore from stuttgart not unlike good riddance or early rise against.
[download: demo]